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Does any of this sound familiar?

Always finding a ton of things you like online but when you really need to buy something precise, being unable to retrieve any of it? This is probably the worst feeling and it happens all the time. You see plenty of an item you like and then when it comes to buying that item you just can't find anything you like anymore.  

Buying some random items because you are tired of searching? Suddenly you find yourself in that big home decor store and buy that same piece that everybody else has because you just need it and don't have the patience to wait longer.  

Frustrated because you are now stuck with that piece for years to come? What an awful feeling. Having to live with that ugly lamp just because you couldn't find the right one at the time.  

Willing to fill your life with items that spark joy but can't find them? As Marie Kondo says, you should only bring stuff that sparks joy into your life. That's great but what if you can't find those stuff? Should you live in the dark and seat on the floor forever? 

Those are the exact reason why I made this online shopping guide! 

Imagine a home filled only with things you love and that reflect your personality and style. Can you picture it? Because it's about to become a reality. This guide to online home shopping is an address book with the best websites where to find the best home decor items!

Download the guide to the best online shops for the home

So what's inside, you ask?

40 Shopping Resources

40 online shopping websites for the home, divided into 8 categories (furniture, textile, lighting etc...)

Illustrated Resources

It's hard to know where you are heading without an image to help you see the style of the shop. That's why all the resources are illustrated. 

Themed Tags

I created tags such as "Nordic Design" or "Artisan made" to help you understand better where you are heading.

 Shipping informations 

There is nothing worse than finding a product and then discovering that the shop doesn't ship to your country. In this guide, you'll know in one glimpse if you can or can't buy there. (NB. Most of the sources ship worldwide) 


About the Author

Pamela is a digital art director, half Swiss, half Canadian, lover of beautiful things, home decor enthusiast and founder of The Gem Picker.  

Her experience as a digital art director helped her develop a keen eye for design. Being on the internet all day long has also taught her how to search for stuff and also allowed her to collect la crème de la crème of the internet.  

The Gem Picker adventure started with that passion for seeking out aesthetics and well-made products. Pamela has always put a lot of effort into surrounding herself with beautiful and carefully chosen items. She wanted to create a website where to keep track and share all these gems.  

Her leitmotiv: Surround yourself with things you love and discard the rest.

The Ultimate Guide to Online Home Shopping

Download the guide to the best online shops for the home


Download the guide to the best online shops for the home
The best lighting e-shops - Download the guide!
Download the guide to the best online shops for the home